Issue 2


Artwork by

  • A Letter from Afar

    Memtimin Hoshur translated from Uyghur by Munawwar Abdulla

  • Something Red

    Betül Dünder translated from Turkish by Öykü Tekten

  • Terms of Use

    Ognjen Obradović translated from Serbian by Vladislav Beronja

  • Ismail and Turnavitu

    Urmuz translated from Romanian by Marina Sofia

  • Two Poems

    Geo Milev translated from Bulgarian by Dorotea Lechkova

  • Three Storms

    Hamid Ismailov, Sultan Rayev, and Talasbek Asemkulov translated from and through Kazakh, Kyrgyz, and Russian by Shelley Fairweather-Vega

  • Baku & Two Moscows

    Vladimir Mayakovsky translated from Russian by Claire Roosien

  • Hemorrhages and Squirrels

    Jakub Kornhauser translated from Polish by Piotr Florczyk

  • Junkies

    Yuriy Serebriansky translated from Russian by Ariadna Linn

  • The Alphabet

    M. B. u. Z. translated from Bosnian by Edin Hajdarpašić

  • The Cockfight

    Aziz Nesin translated from Turkish by Will Washburn

  • Two Poems

    Bashorat Otajonova translated from Uzbek by Shokhrukh Usmonov

  • something extra:

    Shakarim Qudaiberdiuly translated from Kazakh by the editors of Turkoslavia
    and published in collaboration with The Dial