Submissions for our Spring 2022 issue are now closed. Any submissions we receive will be held for consideration for our Fall 2022 issue. 

We accept translations of poetry, short or excerpted fiction, plays, and literary nonfiction. We also welcome visual art submissions of any medium to be featured alongside our translations.

A critical component of your submission is the Translator's Note.  Please use this opportunity to speak to the source context of the work, its relevance in the receiving context, and the unique translation challenges faced in its translation.  The Translator's Note can be a key factor in our decision making process.

We consider English-language reviews, interviews, and essays on translation and translation studies for publication on our blog. Writers should query the blog editor at, subject line “Blog pitch.”

We happily accept simultaneous submissions, but ask that you notify us if your work is accepted elsewhere.


To be considered for publication, submissions must include: 

  • both the original and the translation in a copy-pastable format (i.e., we prefer not to receive pdfs);
  • 50- to 100-word biographies of both author and translator;
  • a note on the process of translation (please refer to our previously published notes for ideas);
  • and permission for online publication of the original text from the rightsholder(s).

Submissions without all four components will not be accepted for publication. In order to be considered, you must collate the above in a single .doc or .docx attachment with the file name formatted as translator’s surname_author’s surname_original language_genre.doc (e.g. Schmidt_Do_Arabic_fiction.doc) and email to

The subject of your email must be TRASUB-Translator’s name, Author’s name (e.g. TRASUB-Juan Schmidt, Jane Do). Please note that neglecting to follow this format increases the likelihood your submission will not be received.

If your work has previously been published by Exchanges, we ask that you consider waiting a submission cycle before submitting new work.

Guidelines for length

  • poetry: up to 7 poems;
  • fiction: up to 4,000 words;
  • drama: up to 15 pages;
  • literary nonfiction: up to 4,000 words, or up to 2,500 words for translated criticism;
  • reviews: up to 500 words (longer pieces may be acceptable if multiple works are being reviewed together);
  • interviews: up to 2,500 words;
  • essays on translation: up to 2,500 words.

To submit works of visual media:

  • Photos or scans should be at least 1000 × 1000 pixels in size, and 72 dpi resolution.

Please submit photos or scans of the media in .jpg format with the file name formatted as artist’s surname_piece title.jpg (e.g. Do_My Art.jpg) to

The subject of your email should be ARTSUB-Artist’s name, Piece Title, Medium (e.g. ARTSUB-Jane Do, My Art, Acrylic on canvas). Please note that neglecting to follow this format increases the likelihood your submission will not be received.

Please submit no fewer than five images.  If selected, we will ask for a unique image to accompany each piece - usually 12-15 images total.  We aim to select a harmonious group of images that resonate with each other and the selected translations.


Do you translate from a Turkic or Slavic language? Consider submitting to the inaugural issue of TURKOSLAVIA, a new journal of translation produced in association with Exchanges at the University of Iowa!

Turokoslavia welcomes submissions of prose fiction (5,000 words or less) and poetry (up to five poems) translated into English. Please send submissions and source texts to by June 1st, 2022.