Macro + Micro: The Publishing Process

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In Episode #2 of Translators Note, we take a closer look at three translated books published this past year, and the processes, trends, and intercultural dynamics at play as a translation project enters the world.

Jack Jung, translator of Yi Sang: Selected Works (ed. Don Mee Choi, Wave Books 2020) and Lizzie Buehler, translator of The Disaster Tourist by Yun Ko-Eun (Counterpoint Press 2020) join producer Abby Ryder-Huth to talk about their books and the particulars of working from Korean. Later, Kendall Storey, associate editor at Catapult, gives producer Julia Conrad a behind-the-scenes look at the publishing side, and talks about editing 2020 National Book Award finalist High as the Waters Rise, by Anja Kampmann and translated by Anne Posten. 


If you have a translation project you think would be a good fit for Kendall, she is acquiring literary fiction (especially innovative works attentive to language) for Catapult Books, as well as for Soft Skull Press, which is known for its edgier and often humorous house aesthetic. You can reach her at


Translators Note would like to thank everyone who makes our show possible! Nate Repasz made our fantastic theme music, and in this episode we also hear music by Daniel Birch, and "Ariel" by Bio Unit.

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