About Yordan Slaveykov

Yordan Slaveykov (1976) has a degree in Theatre Directing (2006). He specialized in Acting in Moscow (2008) at the International Summer School for Theatre.

His monodrama play “Victoria” has been translated into Ukrainian, Serbian, Macedonian, Russian and English. In 2021, “Victoria” was staged in North Macedonia.

“The Last Step” is Yordan’s first published novel. It received first prizes at the international competitions for debut literature Yuzhna Prolet (2016) as well as Pencho’s Oak. The novel was also shortlisted at the Peroto annual literary award. In 2020, “The Last Step” went through a second edition.

Slaveykov’s short story collection, “The Holiday Family,” was published in May 2022.

In the “The Holiday Family,” Yordan exploits the limitless dimensions of love and searches for the answer where endless love goes in the afterlife. Where this gigantic energy transcends into, after human bodies simply cease to exist. His stories are direct and beyond stunning. In November 2022, the book was shortlisted at the prestigious annual award for contemporary prose – Peroto – given by the National Book Centre of Bulgaria, as it was also nominated for the national short story award Yordan Radichkov.