The Translated City

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How does translation grapple with place and transport us through language? Chinese translator Jennifer Feeley joins Abby Ryder-Huth to talk about bringing a sense of Hong Kong and Cantonese speech to her translation of "Patient," a short story by Wong Yi published in 2020 by Asymptote. Wong Yi herself reads from the original, which you can read here. Later, Julia Conrad is in conversation with Persian translator Poupeh Missaghi, whose novel trans(re)lating house one (Coffee House Press, 2020) translates the city of Tehran in the wake of the city's 2009 election. They talk about how language and identity manifest in Poupeh's work both in and out of Persian, and the expansive forms translation can take. 

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To be further transported-- You can catch Wong Yi's radio show, Book Review (開卷樂) on RTHK, or as a podcast hereJennifer Feeley's translation of Wong Yi's Cantonese-language chamber opera, Women Like Us, is also streaming as part of the Hong Kong Arts Festival through the 31st of May. Grab your rice noodle rolls with sweet sauce and enjoy from wherever you are. 


Our theme music is by Nate Repasz, and this episode also features music by Ketsa, Daniel Birch, and Metre