About Richard Nedjat-Haiem

Richard Nedjat-Haiem is a fourth-year PhD student in Comparative Literature at UCSB. Born and raised in Tehrangeles (Los Angeles), he maintains a strong connection to his Middle Eastern heritage. Richard obtained his undergraduate degree from UCLA and a Master's degree from the University of Chicago. Currently, Richard is deeply immersed in his dissertation, which delves into the transformation of language in Arab popular culture. With expertise in Persian and Arabic, focusing on Arabic dialects, he is also actively expanding his language skills by learning French. Richard's unique intersectionality as a gay, first-generation Persian American Jew, who grew up during the influential era of the Tehrangeles exilic multimedia apparatus, contributes to his profound expertise and genuine interest in exploring the consequences of the revolution and its lasting impact on his own community. Particularly within the realm of diasporic cultural production, Richard delves into the intricate dynamics of how the diaspora community reappropriates pre-Revolutionary tropes to address their specific needs and navigate life in the diaspora. His academic pursuits and personal experiences merge to offer a multifaceted perspective on identity, heritage, and belonging in the aftermath of historical events. This translation serves as a heartfelt tribute to that era.