Ancient Exchanges is an online journal devoted to literary translations of ancient texts. We are at once Exchanges younger sister and its centuries-old ancestral kin. Founded in Fall of 2019 by Adrienne Rose in collaboration with Aron Aji, the journal is supported by the University of Iowa’s Department of Classics and MFA program in Literary Translation. 

Ancient Exchanges is an intervention born in response to the experiences of exclusion, limitation, and gatekeeping within the field of Classics. In contrast with the historically narrow perspectives of our field, we envision Ancient Exchanges as a journal with a global perspective. 

Beginning with our second issue, we welcome submissions of translations from all languages, and particularly encourage submissions that prioritize the literary over the literal: translations that are contemporary and poetic, rhetorically arresting, aesthetically delightful, creative, adaptive, transformative, innovative, experimental, and multi-modal.  

We hope Ancient Exchanges will transform the ways in which we read, teach, and find meaning in ancient literature through the means of translation. With a global scope, we seek to publish works that engage antiquity in ways that challenge traditional beliefs about what areas of study are valued as classics, including who gets to study and translate them. We hope Ancient Exchanges will appeal to emerging translators as a venue from which to sound their voices, and we particularly welcome submissions from people with identities that are underrepresented in Classics, including BIPOC and LGBTQ+ translators, and those working outside of academia. 

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