Call for Submissions

Our Spring 2014 issue, Topographies, is now up!

Submissions for Spring 2015 will open in December.


We publish poetry, fiction (short fiction or excerpts from larger works), drama, and literary nonfiction, all in translation. We also consider original reviews, interviews, and essays on translation; these must be in English. We encourage writers of reviews and interviews to query us by email before submitting. Further guidelines follow below.

To be considered for publication, submissions must include:

  • Both the original and the translation

  • Biographies of both author and translator (note that photos are no longer required)

  • A short note on the process of translation (refer to our previously published notes for a sense of what we want)

  • Permission for online publication for both languages

  • Length guidelines are as follows. Poetry: up to 7 poems. Fiction: up to 4000 words. Drama:up to 15 pages. Literary Nonfiction: up to 4000 words; up to 2500 words for translated criticism. Reviews: up to 500 words, and query us first (longer lengths may be acceptable if multiple works are being reviewed together). Interviews: up to 2500 words. Essays on translation: up to 2500 words.

All submissions must be sent via email. We no longer accept submissions via post. Please send both original and translation as Microsoft Word attachments to

We happily accept simultaneous submissions. Simply inform us that your work is under consideration elsewhere, and please notify us immediately if it is accepted for publication in another venue.