About Anne Jullien

Anne Jullien, poet and librarian, was born in Brest, France in March 1961, and is married with one daughter, Laura. Her Masters degree in modern literature culminated in a thesis entitled "Myths and reality in Knut Hamsun" (1982). She received the Paul Valéry Prize for poetry in 1979, but waited 30 years before self-publishing her first collection of poetry, Poèmes 198?-2008. Her poems have appeared in such journals as Hopala !, Nouveaux délits, Interventions à Haute Voix, Décharge, Les Voleurs de feu, 7 à dire, Comme en poésie, Diérèse, and in the anthology Femmes en littérature edited by Marie-José Christien (Spered Gouez,  2009). Her first collection, Dans la tête du cachalot, appeared in 2011 (Éditions Asphodèle); her second, Flotilles, in 2012 (éditions de l'Atlantique). Since 2010 she has served as Maître de l'Ordre du Mistigri, replacing Michel Host, responsible for the creation, publishing, and dissemination newsletter Entre-Chats. She has been working for over a year with translator Michelle Bolduc, with whom she visits high school and university classes in Finistère, giving lectures and workshops on poetry, translation, as well as bilingual poetry readings, as a part of the "Voix d'Aujourd'hui" contemporary poetry in the classroom series sponsored by the Centre Départementale de Documentation Pédagogique, Brest.