About Gábor Schein

Gábor Schein is a literary historian, poet, and novelist. He is the author of nine collections of poetry and three novels. He was born and resides in Budapest, where he is a professor at the Hungarian Literary History Institute of Eötvös Loránd University. His work explores the state of Jewish survival in late and post-communist Hungary, the aftermath of catastrophe, the legacy of Jewish life in both pre- and post-Holocaust Europe, and the psychic conditions of the final decades of communist rule. His two short novels Lazarus (trans. Ottilie Mulzet) and The Book of Mordechai (trans. Adam Z. Levy), will be published by Seagull Books in 2017. His latest novel Swedish (Svéd) has enjoyed great critical esteem and success in his native Hungary, and will be appearing in German.