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The First Banned Book in Sri Lanka


Considering the time and context under which the publication came out, modern critics call Cogwheel Buddha "the most audacious literary rebellion in Sri Lankan literary history". Technically, the text is still banned in Sri Lanka; however, Cogwheel Buddha went for a second (2007) and third (2017) reprint despite the ban. Perera continues to be one of the active senior figures in the contemporary Sri Lankan literary scene. He is now an acclaimed, award-winning early modernist writer and a literary critic. He is also the most recent translator of Kafka’s texts into Sinhala.

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World Literature in the Making

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Here’s our contribution to the world literature in the making! As we are approaching the end of the 2019 International Writing Program’s Fall Residency at the University of Iowa, we’d like…

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Tweets from Sri Lanka

Tweets from sri lanka

By now, the devastating story of the multiple attacks in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday is no news to the world.

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Translation Traffic: Engaging the World Beyond the Text

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Iowa City is already nostalgic for the 28 resident writers who finished this year’s International Writing Program’s Fall Residency about a month ago.

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