Our newest issue, and our new site

Welcome to Exchanges's new home. This cozy new (web) space is yet another evolution in our little magazine's history. We began in 1989 as a print magazine, a project of the poet and translator Daniel Weissbort. In the early 2000s, Exchanges shifted to publishing solely on the web, partly to reduce costs but mostly because that was the best way to reach a wider audience. Though our focus has always been on English-language translations, we publish translations alongside the original texts. As such, our intended audience stretches far beyond the U.S.-Canandian borders, where print subscription lists tend to be confined.

In those early days online, Exchanges continued publishing much like a print magazine. A new web page was designed for each issue and that latest issue would serve as our homepage. Which means Exchanges never really had a home page--or a home base. That has changed with this latest redesign.

Each new issues will continue to be published online, but as of this month Exchanges now has a permanent space from which to interact with the rest of the vast global, virtual world. From this space, we'll begin offering readers more frequently updated content, ranging from guest bloggers to news about current contests or upcoming issues. We also plan to use this sites as a forum for the discussion of translation in all its virtual and linguistic permutations.

We hope you enjoy the new space. All our former issues are still archived here and available free of charge. We've also just published our most recent Winter/Spring issue, Migrations, which offers six translations alongside seven originals (Clare Sullivan's translation of Natalia Toledo's poetry in the Mexican indigenous language of Isthmus Zapotec also includes Toledo's self-translation of that poetry into Spanish). Thanks for your continued support of Exchanges, and happy surfing.