Our Winter '16 Issue!

Dear Friends, Family, and Supporters:

Hysterium has arrived!

We are proud to announce the release of Exchanges’ new Winter '16 issue.

Stop by for a Panamanian allegory by Carlos Fuentes (trans. Jeffrey C. Barnett), a reflection on the nexus of viewing and writing by Antonio Tabucchi (trans. Stiliana Milkova), and a collection of four famous Shakespearian characters speaking in Chinese by Chen Li (trans. Elaine Wong). We offer nine other outstanding translations from the four corners of the world and beyond – they’re so good we’re tempted to reproduce our table of contents in its entirety right here.

You’ll notice a few changes this issue. We commissioned our cover art – an illustration of the fungi our issue was named after – from the University of Iowa’s own Frances Cannon and we’re featuring the work of several local artists within the pages of our journal. Special thanks to Benjamin Chait of Chait Galleries Downtown for his assistance in obtaining art work permissions and photography.

And we’re presenting a critical essay, “Impaled on an Orchid: Fuentes’ Panamanian Allegory,” (by Jeffrey C. Barnett), which heralds the return of Exchanges as a source not only of superlative translations, but also of smart discussions of the global literature to which we are all deeply committed.

Don’t forget to swing by our blog to keep the conversation going. We wish to thank all of you who have helped to make this issue possible.

Sincerely, The Exchanges Staff